Eliot Lipp and El Ten Eleven @ 7th Street Entry 8/30/13

Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp threw down an awesome and intimate set this past Friday at the 7th Street Entry. In addition to his typical setup of a laptop, synthesizer, and keyboard, Lipp also had with him a guitarist and drummer. Being that Lipp is on the Pretty Lights Music record label, I wasn’t surprised that he had added the live talent, but I was excited to see that he is on board with Derek Vincent Smith’s (Pretty Lights) current vision. To begin the set, Lipp candidly addressed the audience saying, “Hey, bet you all didn’t know I have a jam band now. Well, I do. I have a jam band.”

Lipp has traditionally infused funk, jazz, and folk with hip hop and techno, but did so at a whole new level with his “jam band.” The three worked together to create roughly 45 minutes of what I can only describe as synth heavy electro jazz with the perfect mixture of trap. I follow a lot of dj/producers, and this kid has it figured out. His style is unique, but also on par with what’s currently hot in the music scene.

After seeing Lipp both at the 7th Street Entry and at Bella Mente Music Festival back in May, I can testify to his ability to manipulate sounds in a way like no one else. He keeps his sets fresh, and continues to make advancements in music scene.


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Article by Alex Henry

Photos by Alex Henry


Mini Documentary on Eliot Lipp from Pretty Lights Music


El Ten Eleven

I went to the 7th Street Entry on Friday excited to see Eliot Lipp, but I was happy to stay for El Ten Eleven.  I have only recently started listening to the duo, so it was a treat to see them in such an intimate venue. Tim Fogarty pounded the drums while Kristian Dunn mastered both a doubleneck guitar/bass as well as a fretless bass. Dunn’s ability to seamlessly loop and play over various melodies is not only a pleasure to watch, but also creates the effect of listening to a four piece instead of a duo.

Although without lyrics, El Ten Eleven’s music is incredibly emotional and leads the audience through a journey. Towards the end of the set Dunn told the crowd that he felt the whole business of leaving the stage only to come back for an encore was silly. He announced his last two songs and gave some insight to the story they told – that of loss and the ability to overcome.

Dunn and Fogarty are a dynamic pairing, and it was certainly a treat to watch them play. Shows like theirs act as a simple reminder of the beauty and craftsmanship behind good music. Definitely one of the better shows I have had the pleasure of attending at the 7th Street Entry.


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Article by Alex Stahlmann

Photos by Alex Stahlmann


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