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Roster McCabe @ The Cabooze 12/7/13

Night Phoenix

After hiring Roster McCabe to play a show at a bar I was managing a few years back, I became an instant fan. Since then I’ve attended every show they’ve brought through Minneapolis, so I of course was going to hit their performance at the Cabooze. Even though I had already planned on going, I caught wind that the band announced that this show would be their last time playing Minneapolis. A few different emotions came over me. Last show? What does this mean? Are they breaking up? Moving on to different bands? Moving on to different careers altogether? Still unsure of what their announcement meant, and knowing they’ve sold out the Cabooze in the past, I immediately went online and ordered my ticket to ensure I’d be in attendance for their “last show.”

20131208_000946[1]When the night came, I made sure to show up early and caught both of the openers for the night. The first opener, Dead Larry, I had seen in the past, and they brought the same funky dance tunes I had heard them lay down at previous shows. They definitely began to set the atmosphere for the “final show.” Next up was a band I wasn’t really that familiar with – The Coop. These guys hail from Chicago, and from the very beginning of their set, I knew I’d be listening to them again. They have a style that I would describe as psychedelic electronic jam. I thoroughly enjoyed The Coop’s set, but was ready for the music I had come to watch; Roster McCabe’s “last show!”

When 11:30 rolled around, the time had come. The band started off with their unique style of dancey tunes, along with shredding guitar, amazing drum beats, and soulful vocals. These are the things I came to love about Roster McCabe. They have a way of getting you to move your feet; in a dance driven way. The Cabooze didn’t seem as though it were sold out, which surprised me a bit. Maybe the rest of the fans knew something I didn’t, but even so, there were plenty of people getting down on this particular Saturday night.

About half way through their two hour set, the band started talking about all the incredible memories and experiences that Roster McCabe and their fans helped create. They then made an announcement that although Roster McCabe would no longer be performing, the band members would indeed remain together, and start a new project called Night Phoenix! The crowd was ecstatic! The band went on to play a few songs they had already made for their new project, including their newest single, “Black Rose.” The band members continued to thank their fans for their support, and made it clear that they would not be able to do what they do if it weren’t for people like us going to their shows and supporting them. They ended with some familiar Roster McCabe tunes, and continued to keep the fans dancing well into the night. I personally am sad to see the Roster McCabe’s era end, but am extremely excited to see how this group of musicians transforms and they continue to make great music as Night Phoenix!


Article by Ross Louwagie

Photos by Ross Louwagie


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